Monday, September 24, 2012

What is United for Coal?

United for Coal is a movement, a large group of like minded individuals brought together for a common cause.We are miners, miners wives, sons and daughters. We are shopkeepers, truck drivers, fast food workers and grocery clerks. We are the people of the Appalachian coal fields, the Powder River Basin, The Illinois basin. Wherever coal is, there you find us. We stand together. We stand up for ourselves because there is no one who will stand up for us. We have no corporate sponsors, no special interest groups supporting our cause. We are plain, everyday average people who care about each other. We are United for Coal. We help our neighbors, we feed our hungry. We are United for Coal. We take care of our mining brothers and sisters. We are United for Coal.

And we're getting ticked off!!
Our government has decided to commit "Regional Genocide" against our people. They have summarily executed the entire coal industry thru overreaching environmental regulation. This was done with no consideration of the human cost whatsoever. No replacement industry was offered, no migration path was planned. An entire society stamped out by rule of law with nary a thought about its citizens. Our "American Dream" has become a nightmare, and we are but the first domino to fall in an economic chain of events that will end the dreams of us all. Who can we turn to? Who will save us??
We the People
... are our only hope. We must stand together and make our voice as one. We must inform our country of the fate that will surely envelop us all if we stay the course we are on. On October 13 every coal miner must roar. Every family member, every neighbor. We must fight for our livelihoods and our lives. We must be heard, we must be counted, we must be UNITED FOR COAL!!!   

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